The deep blue
performance 30 minutes

After the visitors arrived, I step onto one of the footbridges of the temporary art project Hofinsel dressed in scuba-diving gear. The breathing through the
mouth piece of the oxygene tank produces a calm and constant sound. In the center of the converging footbridges a cast iron bathtub is placed. I slowly move
towards them, once there I put on both flippers and climb into the tub, head first, face down. The breathing sound from before now changes into a bubbling
noise, I stay in this position for about 30 minutes. Subsequently I climb out of the tub and exit the scenery by the same way as I entered it.

The title The deep blue represents the deep blue sea. Equipped for depth and expanse the diver nonetheless is not capable of breaching the confines of the

Photo: Leo Bachmann

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